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Cold room lamp

Cold storage lamp is a kind of lamp named after the lighting purpose of the lamp, which is used in places with low temperature and high humidity such as refrigeration and freezing, and where attention to electrical safety and environmental protection is required. Cold storage lamps are mainly composed of two parts, namely the protective cover and the light source. The main materials of the protective cover are PP, PC, cast aluminum/glass, aluminum/PC, ABS, etc. The light source of the lamp is mainly LED lamp.

Many people will ask, why should we use special lamps for cold storage? Can ordinary lamps not work? The use of ordinary lighting fixtures in cold storage will have many defects, such as: high energy consumption, low illumination, short service life, poor sealing, and can easily lead to air leakage, water accumulation and freezing in the cold storage lamp. Once the cold storage A large amount of accumulated water is needed to freeze, which can easily cause a short circuit in the cold storage power line, affecting food quality and safety. Ordinary lighting lamps are prone to cracking, damage and other problems when used in low-temperature working environments. Some people also choose to add moisture-proof lampshades to ordinary lighting lamps or choose lamps with explosion-proof performance. These lamps are damaged more frequently and have insufficient brightness, resulting in poor lighting effects in the warehouse. Special lamps for cold storage can perfectly solve these problems. Cold storage lamps are moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, explosion-proof, and low-temperature resistant. They can be used for a long time in a low temperature environment of minus 50 degrees Celsius. They have a long service life, and their illumination is good. They can also maintain good luminescence when working in low-temperature cold storage. Efficiency, uniform lighting, etc.

Post time: Nov-11-2023