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How to recycle the refrigerant of the cold storage refrigeration unit?

The method of collecting refrigerant in the cold storage refrigeration unit is:
Close the liquid outlet valve under the condenser or the liquid receiver, start the operation until the low pressure is stable below 0, close the exhaust valve of the compressor when the low pressure return pipe rises to normal temperature, and stop. Then close the suction valve of the compressor.

If the fluorine outlet of the condenser is equipped with an angle valve, and there is an exhaust valve on the compressor, the angle valve can be closed first, then start up and run until the low pressure value is close to 0, then close the exhaust valve and then stop the machine, so that The fluorine will be recycled and stored on the condenser.

If the fluorine of the whole machine is to be recovered for external storage, a set of fluorine recovery machine and a fluorine storage tank shall be prepared, and the recovery machine shall be used to inhale and compress fluorine into the fluorine storage tank.


Common error

1. The exhaust temperature of the refrigeration unit is high, the coolant level of the refrigeration unit is too low, the oil cooler is dirty, the oil filter element is clogged, the temperature control valve is faulty, the oil cut-off solenoid valve is not energized or the coil is damaged, the oil cut-off solenoid valve membrane The chip is broken or aging, the fan motor is faulty, the cooling fan is damaged, the exhaust duct is not smooth or the exhaust resistance is large, the ambient temperature exceeds the specified range, the temperature sensor is faulty, and the pressure gauge is faulty.

2. The pressure of the refrigeration unit is low, the actual air consumption is greater than the output air volume of the refrigeration unit, the exhaust valve is faulty, the intake valve is faulty, the hydraulic cylinder is faulty, the load solenoid valve is faulty, the minimum pressure valve is stuck, there is leakage in the user pipe network, and the pressure setting is too high Low, Faulty force sensor, Faulty pressure gauge, Faulty pressure switch, Air leak in pressure sensor or gauge input hose.

3. The oil consumption of the refrigeration unit is large or the compressed air has a large oil content, and the amount of coolant is too much. The correct position should be observed when the refrigeration unit is loaded. At this time, the oil level should not be higher than half, and the oil return pipe is blocked; the installation of the oil return pipe does not meet the requirements , When the refrigeration unit is running, the exhaust pressure is too low, the oil separation core is broken, the internal partition of the separation cylinder is damaged, the refrigeration unit has oil leakage, and the coolant has deteriorated or has been used for an extended period of time.

Post time: Jan-07-2023