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Manila, Philippines fruit cold storage project.

ProjectManila, Philippines fruit cold storage project.

Cold storage type:  Fresh-keeping storage.

Cold storage size:  50 meters long, 16 meters wide, 5.3 meters high, 2.5 meters high, and 2 meters wide.

Storage items:  Sugar oranges, grapes, imported tropical fruits

Temperature requirements:  Shutdown at minus 2 degrees, start at 3 degrees .

Insulation board: 10 cm thick B2 and flame retardant double-sided color steel polyurethane foam, pour 10 cm thick concrete on the ground

Unit configuration: BITZER semi-closed piston air-cooled unit with air outlet from the top of the box, evaporative cooling adopts high-efficiency and energy-saving double-finned aluminum row pipes

Scope of application:   Suitable for storage and preservation of various fruits, vegetables, flowers, seedlings, etc.

Cold storage features:

1. Long storage period and high economic benefit.

2. Simple operation technology and convenient maintenance. The temperature of the refrigeration equipment is controlled by a microcomputer, which automatically starts and stops, and is convenient for daily monitoring. The supporting technology is economical and practical.

There are many kinds of fresh-keeping warehouses, such as the most advanced air-conditioned warehouse, which can not only adjust the temperature and humidity in the warehouse, but also control the content of oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases in the warehouse, so that the fruits and vegetables in the warehouse are in a dormant state. Still maintain the original quality.

The following is a site map of the construction progress:

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Post time: Jun-20-2022