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The application of the dual temperature cold storage


Double temperature cold storage refers to adding a wall in the middle of a cold storage to form two cold storages with different temperatures. It can meet the functions of flesh and froaen at the same time. Generally, a small double-temperature warehouse is a refrigeration unit with two evaporators. And the control system is work for the two cold storage at the same time. Because a dual-control system is used to control the temperature of two rooms, when the temperature of one room reaches the set requirement, the control system will turn off the refrigeration in this room, and the refrigeration unit will stop working until the temperature of the other room also reaches the set requirement.

---Temperature availble

The temperature of the double temperature cold storage is generally 0℃~+5℃ and -5℃~-18℃.


Double temperature cold storage is mainly used for freezing and refrigerating food, medicine, medicinal materials, medical equipment, chemical raw materials and other items.

---Cooling system

1. Unit: The refrigeration unit uses a centralized cooling system, which reduces operating costs and has fewer failures.

2. Evaporator: Efficient ceiling evaporator or exhaust pipe

3. Control system: One-machine dual-purpose control system, which can simultaneously control the temperature in the two cold storages, the boot time, the time of the box, the delay time of the fan, the alarm indication and various technical parameters. The operation is simple and the user is very convenient to use.

4. Storage board: Guangxi Cooler adopts high-quality double-sided color steel polyurethane cold storage panel, which occupies a small area and has good thermal insulation performance; the thickness of the storage board is generally 100mm, 120mm, 150mm and 200mm, polyurethane thermal insulation material, and both sides are coated with plastic color The steel plate and the color steel plate surface are processed into invisible grooves, which are light in weight, high in strength, good in heat insulation, corrosion resistance and anti-aging.

5. One stop cold room Solution: The overall dimensions of the cold storage, the storage temperature, the placement position of the unit, the opening of the storage door, the layout of the storage, etc., all of which can be designed and customized according to the specific requirements of the user to meet the needs of the user to the greatest extent.

---Cold storage panel

The thermal insulation warehouse is made of polyurethane thermal insulation cold storage panel, with metal materials such as plastic-coated steel plates as the surface layer, which combines the material's superior thermal insulation performance and good mechanical strength. It has the characteristics of simple and quick assembly method, long thermal insulation life, simple maintenance, low cost, high strength and light weight, etc. It is the best material for the cold storage thermal insulation body.


1. According to the scale of storage capacity, it is divided into large-scale cold storage (refrigeration capacity above 10000t), medium-sized cold storage (refrigeration capacity between 1000t~10000t), and small cold storage (refrigeration capacity below 1000t).

2. According to the design temperature of cold storage, it is divided into high temperature cold storage (temperature between -2℃~+8℃), medium temperature cold storage (temperature between -10℃~-23℃) and low temperature cold storage (temperature between -23℃~-30℃) , Ultra-low temperature cold storage (temperature at -30℃~-80℃).

3 Determine the size of the cold storage (length × width × height) according to the tonnage of the stored goods, the daily volume of incoming and outgoing goods and the size of the building. Determine the size of the warehouse door and the opening direction of the door. The installation environment of the cold storage should be clean, dry and ventilated.

4. According to the physical and chemical properties of the stored items, choose to determine the temperature in the cold storage. The cooling capacity required by different substances is different, and the cold storage configuration is also different.

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Post time: Apr-29-2022