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Two stage condensing unit for cold storage blast freezer

Two stage condensing unit for cold storage blast freezer with the features of high efficiency, long service life, tiny vibration and low noise and applicable to the large size -25℃~-40℃ low temperature refrigeration system, as the large size low temperature cold rooms, ice making, and blast freezing etc.

  • Refrigerant : R22/R404a (standard)/R134a/R507
  • Voltage: 3Phase,380v~460V,50/60Hz
  • Customize: 3Phase,220V/50/60Hz
  • Model: Two stage condensing unit for cold storage blast freezer
  • Trading term: EXW, FOB, CIF DDP
  • Payment:  T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C
  • Certification : CE
  • Warranty: 1 year
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    Product Description

    Spare Parts/Models


    Unit Standart Configuration Table


    Compressor S4T-5.2 S4N-8.2 S4G-12.2 S6J-15.2 S6H-20.2 S6G-25.2 S6F-30.2

    cooling Area)


    60 80 120 160 200 250 300
    Refrigerant Receiver
    Solenoid valve
    Oil Separator


    High/Low pressure 

    meter Plate

    Pressure control switch
    Check valve


    Low pressure meter


    High pressure meter
    Copper Pipes


    Sight Glass


    Filter Drier
    Shock tube



    Model Power Displacement Cooling Capacity Motor Power Temperature Package Size


    S4T-5.2 5HP 26.8m³/h 3kw~17.65kw  3.8kw -15℃~-30℃ 432*304*353
    S4N-8.2 8HP 32.8m³/h 3.8kw~21kw 4.5kw -15℃~-30℃ 432*304*353
    S4G-12.2 12HP 41.3m³/h 4.6kw~28kw 5.9kw -15℃~-30℃ 649*306*385
    S6J-15.2 15HP 48.5m³/h 3.4kw~32kw 7.5kw -15℃~-30℃ 649*306*385
    S6H-20.2 20HP 56.2m³/h 4kw~37kw 8.8kw -15℃~-30℃ 649*306*385
    S6G-25.2 25HP 73.7m³/h 6.4kw~50kw 11kw -15℃~-40℃ 711*457*453
    S6F-30.2 30HP 84.5m³/h 7.2kw~57kw 15kw -15℃~-40℃ 711*457*453


    Guangxi Cooler provides customized services, you can choose different compressors to assemble the refrigeration cold storage condensing unit, please contact us for details
    The optional brands of compressors are as follows.



    Stable&Reliable; High efficiency&energy saving; Compact&nimble; Easy operation&convenizence

    1. The working status of multiple compressors is automatically controlled by pressure sensors to save operating costs and can be used in food, medicine, chemical, fruit storage and other industries.

    2. Through the combination of multiple compressors, a multi-stage output power combination can be obtained, which can be adjusted according to load changes to achieve the best energy, improve efficiency, and save energy.

    3. Since the screw compressor is a multi-machine, even if a single machine fails, it can be cooled by several other machines.

    4. A complete safety guarantee system such as high pressure, low pressure, oil pressure difference, overload, overheating, etc., can ensure the normal operation of high temperature or low temperature under severe conditions.5.Use r404a/r134a refrigerant.

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