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100mm cold room panel

100mm cold room panel is Insulated PUF (polyurethane foam) panels , be of modular construction incorporating wall and ceiling panels and be of “woodless” type construction

  • Model: 100mm cold room paqnel
  • Thickness: 100mm
  • Trading term: EXW, FOB, CIF DDP
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C
  • Certification : CE
  • Warranty: 1 year
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    Pu sandwich panel structure

    The cam lock Pu sandwich plate adopts cam lock connection, which is easy to install. It has the advantages of fire resistance, high compressive strength and good sealing. It is suitable for temperature from - 50 ℃ to + 100 ℃ ° C and is not easy to rot.

    Pu sandwich panel takes polyurethane with excellent thermal insulation performance as the core material and precoated galvanized iron (ppgi / color steel), 304 stainless steel or aluminum as the external material. Pu sandwich panel can reduce the heat conduction caused by internal and external temperature difference and achieve the maximum efficiency of refrigeration and refrigeration system.


    Different applicable temperature with different thickness of PU panel

    Thickness of PU panel Applicable temperature
    50mm Temperature 5°C or above
    75mm Temperature -5°C or above
    100mm Temperature -15°C or above
    120mm Temperature -25°C or above
    150mm Temperature -35°C or above
    180mm Temperature -40°C or above
    200mm Temperature -45°C or above


    Brand:Guangxi Cooler

    Type: Cold room panel

    Size: Customized according to the size of the cold room drawing

    Material:Zinc/PVC coated galvanized sheet steel / 304 stainless steel and the polyurethane insulation


    Insulated PUF (polyurethane foam) panels shall be minimum 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm thick, be of modular construction incorporating wall and ceiling panels and be of “woodless” type construction. Panels shall consist of insulation sandwiched between interior and exterior metal skin. Panel edges to have tongues and grooves that cam-lock together assuring an air tight vapor proof joint.

    All panel insulation shall be density polyurethane foam insulation, Urethane insulation as herein specified shall be foamed in place and cured to a solid rigid state between metal panel skins at an average density of 40-43 Kgs/m². Urethane insulation shall be both vermin-proof and odor-proof. structure and conform to standards.

    PUF (polyurethane foam) injected panel Interior & exterior wall panels and ceiling panels are made of as below

    Zinc/PVC coated galvanized sheet steel different thickness

    Stainless steel S.S 304 Interior & exterior different thickness

    Non-slippery aluminum checker plate of floor different thickness

    For assembling of panels quick latch eccentric fasteners/dual effect cam locks to be used which are made of non-corrosive Chrome plated complete for tightening/fastening.

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